About Inho and Michelle

Inho and Michelle have dedicated themselves to teaching both sensual bachata and Dominican bachata styles. On the dancefloor, their partner work spotlights their musicality, connection and flow, and they take their passion into the classroom to help students achieve better social dance experiences. Together they have won Asia bachata championships and have represented Asia as finalists in the Bachata World Championships.

Inho Seo

Born in South Korea, Inho Seo has been teaching Salsa & Bachata since 2008. He is one of Asia’s leading bachata dance instructor and has garnered championship wins for both Salsa and Bachata around the region.


Michelle Woo

Michelle Woo is from Singapore and has background in multiple dances. Being a versatile dancer, she teaches a range of bachata styles – from Dominican to sensual fusion. She is also a prolific social dancer and is Asia’s bachata Jack and Jill champion for three years running.


Awards & Accolades

  • Asia Bachata Champions 2018
  • Bachatea 2019 Couple finalists
  • Asia Jack & Jill Championship 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Korea Salsa Couple Champion 2016
  • Korke & Judith certified sensual instructor
  • Alex & Desiree certified Dominican instructors